Ultra Vac Steel Tube Painting MachineSteel Tube Industry

Our machines are used by some of the world’s leading manufacturers of steel tubes for the application of protective and decorative paints and lacquers. These coatings ensure that the tube is protected from corrosion from the point of manufacture to reaching the end user.

The benefits of coating tubes are:

  • Increased corrosion resistance
  • Enhanced product appearance
  • Differentiates product from competitors
  • Can help increase market share
  • Reduces waste

We provide equipment for applying most types of surface coatings, but we have particular experience in the field of waterborne and UV curable coatings, which contain no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and are environmentally friendly. Our work in this area has led us to the development of the ULTRA-VAC coating machine, which offers 100% transfer efficiency and high production speeds.

Steel Tube coating using water-based paintsOur range of machinery for the steel tube industry includes the following;-

  • Vacuum Coating Systems
  • Tube Cleaning Equipment
  • UV Curing Systems
  • Infra Red Drying Systems
  • Gas Preheat Furnaces
  • Hot Air Drying Systems

Please click here to see a video of a an ULTRA-VAC applying water-based paints to steel tubes;


Steel Tube Coating machines